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We  would like to thank several business  in the town that have supported us  over the yrs. Your kindness is appreciated.

Sandham office supplies.

Wessex Fire

Paramount Cafe

Martin Brdges Accounting.

Shanklin Rotary

Stumpies Tree Surgeon

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Shanklin Voluntary Youth and Community Centre (incl TC's)
Shanklin Voluntary Youth and Community Centre  (incl TC's)

Shanklin VYCC Football Club 2013/14.......

Both sides November 30th 2013

It's been decided after 12 yrs, that the club will withdraw from the island league.


Thx  for all the support but with pitch issues with the Sandown acadamy and the Council seemingly unable  to help ,it became  a  position i was losing the desire to take on.


Player issues did not help, as it becomes a culture where winning is important and loyalty an ever distant charactistic.







May 10th  comb 1 v Brading Res away won 5 v 4 Wilson 2, Burton, Davis, Jackson

May3rd Div2 v Ventnor away won 6 v 3 J.Field 2,Unsworth 2,Mikolejic,Own goal

April 26th l Div2 v Wooton  away  won 4 v 1 James, Turnbull, Eaglen, owngoal

April 23rd Weds league Div 2 v Seaview away lost 0 v 3

April19th league comb 1 v Niton Res  away won by default

April 19th memrial Cup  away v Shanklin  lost 0 v 3

April 14thleague vST Helens away won 8v1 J.Field2, Unsworth 2,Miko2,M.Woody,1og,

April 12th league comb 1 v West Wight Res lost 1 v2 Thomas

April12th League Div 2 v Newchuch away   won 1 v 0 Wilson

April 9th Weds  league Comb 1 v Ryde Saints Res away won 1 v0 Wilson

April  5th league comb 1 v  home Brading Res  lost 1 v 3 B.Woodhouse

 April 5th league Div 2 v W&B   away lost 0 v 5

April 3rd Thurs league comb 1 v Osborne home draw 0 v 0

April 2nd  Weds league Div 2 v W&B   home  lost 0 v 3

March 29th comb 1 v Vectis Nomads home won 3 v 0 Thomas, M.Woodhouse, James,

 March 29th 1st Memorial Cup   Bembridge  away  won 1 v 0 D.Field

March 22nd  1st CUP  v W&B  Junior A cup quarter  Lost 1 v2 D.Field

March 22nd league comb 1v Oakfield Res  away won 3 v 0 Thomas 2, Burton

March 15th league comb 1v Binstead res  home  lost 0 v 3

March 8th  1st league div 2 v Rookley  home  lost 0 v2

 March 8th comb 1league v Vectis Nomads res  drew 2 v2 Read, Baker 

 March 1st league Div 2 away v Carisbrooke   won 2 v 0 Wilson 2,

March 1st league comb 1 home v Shanklin  Res lost 0 v 4

 Feb22nd league Div 2 home v St Helens  drew 1 v 1 M.Woodhouse

Jan25th league Div 2  home v Carisbrooke  won 6 - 0 Unsworth 3,J.Field 2,Eaglen, 

Jan 11th League Div 2    home v Newchurch  won 2 -0 James, wilson 

14th Dec league Div 2  Home v Sandown won 1 - 0 Glew

14th Dec   Cup Junior A away v Rookley  lost 0 - 2

7th Dec  league Div 2 home v Yarmouth  drew   0 - 0

30th Nov league Div 2 away v Sandown     won 5 v 1 Wilson2, D.Field 2, Read

30th Nov league Comb 1 home v Ryde Saints Res drew 0 v 0

 23rd Nov league Div 2 away  v Brighstone      won 4 - 0 Read 2, Wilson, Davis

23rd Nov league Comb 1 Home v Oakfield Res  lost 2 -4 Leach, Mair

16th Nov  MEM CUP home v Brighstone  won 5-3 D.Field, J.Field, Wilson 2, Fletcher,

16th Nov  league Away v Northwood Res     won 3- 1  Leach 2, Jackson

26th Oct  Res Junior A Cup away v Northwood Res won 2 v 0 James, Leach

19th Oct 1st  Junior A cup away v Wootton           won 1 - 0 D.Field

19th Oct Res  league    home v Northwood Res lost 0 - 1

12th Oct 1st league home v Brighstone   won 2 v 1 J.Field, Parker

5th Oct  1st league home  v Seaview        lost 1 v 2 J.Field

5th Oct   Res league away v Binstead res  lost 1 v 5 Mair

28thSept1st mem cup away v Ventnor won 6 v1 Wilson 2,D.Field 2,Unsworth,J.Field

28th Sept  Res league home v West Wight Res drew 1 v 1 Glew

21st Sept 1st league home v Wootton  4 v 1 Wilson, Fletcher, Unsworth,Parker

21st Sept Res league away v Osborne Coburg lost 1 v 4 Thomas

14th Sept 1st league away v Yarmouth  won 2 v 0 Read, J.Field

14th Sept Res league home v Niton Res  lost 2 v 3 Bowley, Mair

10th sept 1st league home v Ventnor     won 3 v 0 J.Field, Read, Wilson

7th Sept  Res league  away v Shanklin   won 1 v 0 D.Field        

31st Aug 1st league  away v Rookley     drew 1 v 1 J.Field






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